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Formerly the web's #1 most-trusted site to buy the best Jailbroken Firesticks and Fire TV boxes with Kodi, Firestick.io is now your source for the best news, tutorials, and reviews for streaming live sports, TV shows, movies, and Live TV.

WARNING! Don't buy a Jailbroken Firestick without reading this! 

Looking To Buy The Best Jailbroken Streaming Devices For Free Sports, Free Pay Per View, Free Movies with no monthly fees?

Of course you do! With a jailbroken device like the Amazon Firestick or Fire TV you can:
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Save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars $ a year by ditching cable while still watching all the great movies and tv shows you love

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Finally have access to all the streaming TV, movies, sports, and free PPV for a fraction of the price of signing up to all the streaming services

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Watch live cable channels from all over the world, including sports streaming channels from Europe, Asia, and the Pacific and more. 


Gain access to geo-blocked content, including live streaming sports from around the world.

Finding reliable, consistent streaming apps can start to feel like a part-time job.

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There's so much conflicting information out there about what you need to buy, what the best apps are, who to trust. And frankly, there are many sellers out there who trying to take advantage of your confusion so they can sell you a bad product.

You may ask "why can't I just install the apps myself?"

Well if it were that easy, everyone would do it!

The problem is that the third party apps you are looking for are famous for being unreliable.

You might spend a long time reading about the perfect app that has everything you need, but when you go to download it, you can't find the repository

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All the information on the internet gives you different answers about where to find it, and you don't know what's outdated information.

Even worse, when you do finally find a working source, you get an installation error! Now you've wasted half an hour and you are no closer to watching what you want than when you started. Plus you're frustrated! Wasn't this supposed to be your time to relax?

... and if you do finally get that app installed, what's to say it doesn't get shut down by the authorities after a few months? Or the new update doesn't install correctly? What if the stream stops working in the middle of the big game? Then you are back to the drawing board.

Luckily, we've tried just about every jailbroken Firestick provider under the sun.


A lot of sellers out there are fly-by-night operations that do the bare minimum. These products work for a few months, but then stop as time goes on. The reason is that these guys use cheap installation wizards that will stop working when the app updates. We know from experience that if you don't buy from a reputable source you will end up wasting your money.

We can confidently say that TechLife.TV is the best, most trustworthy seller.  If you are looking for a clear solution in a sea of misinformation, look no further than these guys.

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on Feb 21, 2019

Third Purchase

Great product as usual. This item came with Kodi 18.0, which was a pleasant surprise.

on Feb 17, 2019

Exactly what I wanted!

The item was easy to figure out and we have been enjoying all the apps! I’ve already recommended the company to a friend!
LINDA R.  Verified Buyer
on Feb 14, 2019
Love them!

We had a little learning curve. We are seniors. I ordered 2. I had to send 1 back because I deleted Kodi. It has to be reprogrammed. My fault. Worked through issues and now LOVE it!!!!!!

on Feb 06, 2019

Love it

I love it. Hands down. One of my be decisions I’ve made online. 

Rogelio C.  Verified Buyer
on Jan 28, 2019

10/10 product

It was confusing at first trying to find the applications , but overall it was an amazing purchase and very professional assistance , can’t wait to shop here again ! 

Protect yourself from the dangers and frustrations by having someone who knows what they are doing handle all the hard work for you. A good jailbroken box will save you hours and hours of headache.

So you wanna buy a Jailbroken Streaming Box for watching free TV and Movies?