Whats Better The OCTACORE Android Box Amazon Fire TV Quad-Core Box Amazon Fire TV Stick Or Apple TV 2

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The OCTACORE Streaming Android TV box has better hardware and performance than anything on the market, that’s my opinion after testing many streaming units, it’s the fastest device you can buy. Our OctaCore Android I68 unit has the best performance because it has the best hardware, our next best streaming TV device is the Amazon Fire TV Box, and last we have Amazon Fire TV stick, which for 95% of the users it’s just fine, but it can’t compete with a Fire TV box or the Stick. All of our units have the same KODI setup and add-ons so content won’t change, but performance varies based on the streaming TV hardware you choose. But when it comes to comparing the Apple TV to either the Fire TV or OctaCore Android Box I have to tell you don’t waste your money on the Apple Device.


The OctaCore Android i68 box has an Eight Core processor, and 2gb of ram.
The Fire TV Box has a Quad-Core processor and 2gb of Ram
The Fire TV Stick has Dual-Core Processor and 1gb of Ram
The Apple TV has Single-Core Processor and 512mb of Ram


If you have an Amazon prime account the Fire TV unit may be a better choice than the OctaCore box, its nice to be able to use all of those features that you are already paying for (Amazon prime is not required to use KODI.) The amazon interface is a little easier and more fun to use, so its better for someone that may be older and maybe not so tech experienced .

The 2nd generation Amazon Fire TV remote has the voice function (Alexa) which is nice to use and does many things, and the new remote is more responsive than the older version. On the android unit, there is maybe half a second lag when using the remote, but the remote has a built in mouse feature, which is cool because you don’t need to buy a keyboard/mouse to use the android apps we install like Showbox. The android box also gives you access to the full Google Play app store, the Amazon Fire TV units have Aptoid, which is essentially a limited versions of google play store.

The Amazon box probably looks and feels more sophisticated, but the android TV box has better hardware and is faster than Amazons Fire TV box. So its ultimately a matter of preference. like I said for most people the Amazon Fire TV Stick will perform just fine, it’s what I use myself, gamers will want the Box and those seeking the Best and Fastest streaming TV device, consider our OctaCore Android box.

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