What Is KODI Streaming TV Fire Stick Facts

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What is KODI and how does it work?
KODI™ is a free and open-source media center program that allows streaming of movies, TV shows, sports, cartoons and XXX adult TV. KODI is a very popular piece of software that runs on numerous pieces of hardware like the Amazon Fire Stick and Android streaming TV boxes which makes it very well-supported and gives you a lot of options for free add-ons, add-ons are similar to apps there are thousands of add-ons that allow streaming of live TV, sports, Movies and TV shows for free, no monthly charges will apply.


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What makes KODI powerful and so popular is that it allows you to step outside of Amazon’s walled content and unlocks the power of open source media files, which are watchable on your television. When Amazon sells you a Fire TV Box or Fire Stick, they hope to keep you trapped you into their own-system so that all of the media and videos you purchase is purchased through them and only them. But what if you want to buy “Walking Dead” on Amazon prime?  KODI is the software that will allow you to watch that TV show or anything else for free.
How can you install KODI on a Amazon Fire Stick you may already own ? The tricky part is getting KODI onto the stick in the first place, and can be done the right way or the half assed way. We’ve done the tricky part for you, Firestick.io has been involved in the streaming TV business for over 7 years and it’s all we do, we are the largest seller of Jail Broken Amazon and Android TV devices for a reason, we are the best and we care about our customers, our support is second to none, and we want you to be totally happy when you purchase a device, our streaming TV devices are all plug and play and setup to start enjoying from day one!


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Most all of our competitors’ KODI media streaming TV  players do NOT support Automatic Updates, that are crucial to your device. Roughly about 99% of the boxes on the market do not come with automatic updating software and most do not provide you with a way to update your KODI add-ons, software or firmware which is critical.



Did you know that 99% of the “Cheap” boxes on Amazon and eBay do not supply Automatic Updates or Technical Support or Warranties, we have been doing this for 7 years now, and sell more devices than any seller out there.



All streaming media TV boxes periodically need software, add-on and firmware updates to enhance our customers user experience. Every add-on is different, they all have their own maintenance and video link updates.



We have designed, upgraded, and perfected our KODI build and our KODI setup has gone through dozens of updates to where it is now nearly perfect.. We have been in the business for longer than any of our competitors and we offer the best deals, support, content and a no hassle return policy.



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