What Is KODI : Fire TV Jail Broken Explained

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Many people don't really understand exactly what KODI is and what it does. I will explain how and why KODI is the leader in streaming media devices and has been installed in millions of Fire TV Boxes across the globe. First off to explain what KODI is.. it's a open source media player application and KODI was developed and created by the XMBC foundation which is and still is a non profit tech consortium as they prefer to be labeled. Exactly how much profits they do take in I would guess is in the millions, but hey they deserve it. KODI just works and that's really all I care about. All you really should be concerned about is will it do as it says it will do, which is allow it's users to watch videos listen to music as well as the ever so popular podcasts and play other media files from what they refer to as add-on's . KODI it self does not do any streaming at all, it simply allows the add-on's to handle that aspect. KODI has it's haters out there, notably Movie production company's and sport providers such as the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and the UFC and even the WWE are not fans of what KODI can do. I can't say I blame them, Amazon Firesticks and other streaming devices when Jailbroken allow you to watch all of these events live and of course for free.

So what can a Fire TV Box do for you ? Well for starters it will allow you to watch live NFL football games right on your TV and yes you can also watch live MLB baseball games as well as NHL hockey games and all other sports too. But can it really stream live Pay Per Views ? Yes KODI Fire TV devices such as XMBC Jail Broken box's and Amazon Fire Sticks and Fire TV box's that are Jail Broken with KODI installed will allow you to watch all of the sports that you desire. The Fire TV reviews are really amazing and very positive. Firestick.io is very proud of all it' Fire TV reviews and values all of them. You can see we have a 99.7% positive review rating and that is crazy because that means that nearly all of our shoppers love there Jail Broken Fire TV Box. We here at Firestick.io really want our shoppers to know just how powerful our Fire Sticks are and will always answer your questions if your hesitant to buy a Firestick then please ask any question you may have before you spend one penny on a devise. We want to help and we will do our best to answer all your concerns, just use our contact form and give use 24 hours and we will reply.

Many people want to know which Jail Broken KODI device is right for them and if there is any differences between them, the answer to that is that both the Amazon Firestick and the Fire TV box will provide the content you seek. But some Jail Broken Fire box's do come with 4h and other cool features like voice command and keyboards, but which ever KODI device you choose your gonna love it.

Why does Firestick.io use Techlife.TV to sell there Fire TV KODI Jail Broken box's ? First off eBay screens it's sellers very closely and puts the top sellers above the rest and we love that. And when you buy a Amazon Jail Broken Firestick from eBay you get there buyers protection and money back guarantees on your Fire TV box's, and that works for us. And eBay lets you see just how popular it's sellers are and how many Fire Box's they have sold.

So if your looking for Amazon Fire TV reviews, buyer protection and money back guarantees then Firestick.io is your site for the best Fire TV Jail Broken Box's with thousands of verified customer reviews, free shipping is also available from our eBay sellers as well as money back guarantees on all our Amazon and KODI Jailbroken devices.

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