Watch Thursday Night Football TNF Best Add Ons

Thursday Night  Football again, it’s November 17 week 11 and  I wanted to share some of the best apps and add-ons for watching the NFL game between the Saints and the Panthers in the highest quality streams available to KODI users, I plan on watching the game on my Amazon Fire Stick and will use Mobdro and Pro Sport, if them links fail me I will use Sportsdevil and ZEM. If you want to watch the TNF game online then just use this Twitter Link for HD streaming.

Pro Sport is a great add-on for NFL streaming on Kodi..  Sports Devil has come back and there are some high quality links to the games on it.  and mobdro is a app for live TV streaming we like allot. Pro Sport add-on comes from the Kodi community thanks to the great work from gerikss and PodGod, the Kodi Pro Sport add-on brings live streams from the NBA, NHL and NFL games right to Kodi.

Even better, the add-on shows game replays as well, much like NFL replay would do, meaning that you can go back and watch NHL, NBA, and NFL games after they have aired, and there in 720 HD.

The Kodi Pro Sport add-on scrapes reddit post’s for live stream links and does not host anything. Reddit has a ton of great sub communities who specialize in live sports streaming, so finding a way to tap into those and create a Kodi add-on is an excellent idea! Here’s an article we did on getting the most of your Pro Sport add-on.

The Pro Sport add-on is very easy to use. When you launch it, you are presented with three categories for NBA, NHL, and NFL from there just click on what you want to watch, then you’ll get a list of available links to the games, just find the one that has the highest quality stream on it. Don’t be afraid to try more than one stream, allot of times I find higher quality streams on lesser used links.

Look into trying ZEM for some really good NFL streams, it has some good resources on it. If you decide you want to buy a Jail Broken device, we have the very best, check us out.

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