Why The All New Fire Stick Is The Best Streaming TV Device

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So if you have had an older version of the Amazon Fire Stick or were on the fence about buying a Jail Broken 2nd generation Fire Stick let me just tell you, YOU WILL LOVE IT !!!

I know .. I know them are some strong words, but I truly believe you will be glad you purchased the new Amazon TV stick, how can I be so sure ?? Because I hear it everyday !! My customers love it and many come back to buy additional Fire Sticks for every television in there house. and by it self the New Amazon Fire Stick is probably the best streaming device dollar for dollar that you can buy, but what’s even cooler is the Jail Broken Fire Stick. Being a big fan of Shark Tank my mind is always turning and one of the biggest thing I learned from watching that show is if you can take a good product and make it better you’ll have a huge hit. Well my friends we do have a huge hit and I would love to share with you some of the cool things you can do with a Jail Broken Amazon Fire Stick .. let’s start with Alexa and how it works, the remote control on the device has a tiny microphone on it, you simply hold it down and speak, you can say what’s the weather and it will pop up on your TV or say play a particular song and Alexa will play it or play a certain movie and yep you guessed it .. it will load up and play, it’s a great tool to have and sure beats typing in your searches. but that’s just the tip of the ice burg when it comes to what you can do with the Fire Stick, how about being able to watch any movie you can ever imagine, in fact you can even watch movies that are still playing at the cinema, yes there’s thousands of movies, TV shows and sports pre loaded on our Jail broken Fire Sticks. So if your a fan of a football team from another state your probably tired of missing your favorite team play. With our Jail Broken devices that won’t be a problem because you’ll be able to watch any out of market NFL game with ease. I myself am a Chicago Bears fan, if you watched my videos you probably know that already, and yes I watch every Bears game with my Fire Stick, and I love it.

Now that we have that incredibly important piece of information out of the way, I will start off by saying the All-New Amazon Fire TV Stick picks off where its ever so popular predecessor left off, offering you one of the most inexpensive ways to stream anything you can ever want right to your TV set. Want to watch a Pay Per View ? No problem there all there, want to watch any NBA team play, done there all there, how about NHL or maybe MLB or Soccer or well you get the picture, the Fire Stick works and works our customers can tell you that, just read there reviews.

So what will you get if you decide to purchase a Fire Stick .. the package itself includes:

– The Fire TV Stick
– The Remote control WITH Alexa voice control
– A Power adapter
– 2 AAA batteries (by Amazon basics)
– an HDMI extender if the Fire TV Stick does not fit into your TV’s HDMI port.

And yes we pre-load KODI onto your device for you, so you will have access to Sports, Movies, TV Shows, Cartoons, PPV Events, XXX Adult, Music and a whole lot more.  

The device itself couldn’t be easier to use. Simply plug it into your TV, and you’re good to go! With this device, you’ll be able to use apps such as Netflix, Pandora, HBO, and even Amazon prime (provided you’re a prime member). You will of course need accounts for all of the previously mentioned apps, but if you do not, you can also use YouTube through this device, which has hours of content on it by itself! If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you will already have access to thousands of TV shows and Movies… just in case you didn’t know!

The All New Amazon Fire TV Stick features some changes that are worth mentioning, but if you’re not too tech-savvy, just know that this stick performs faster than the older model Fire Stick. This is due to a stronger processor, a 1.3ghz quad core processor V.S a 1ghz dual core processor from older Amazon models. I was a bit disappointed to see that the All-New Fire TV Stick did not upgrade to 2gb of Ram. While 1gb is plenty for streaming in most cases, users may find occasional lag on the home screen, especially when first booting the device up. I’ve found that if I turn on my Fire Stick, and go do something else for a few minutes, or just allow the device some time to boot up, I do not run into this issue, and probably you won’t even notice and if you do then just buy the Amazon Fire TV Box because speed is important to some people mainly gamers, but if your goal is to watch Sports and Movies with your Fire Stick then the box is not needed. While there has not been an update in ram, I have noticed that navigating the Fire Stick is MUCH quicker than previous Fire Stick models, which will make anybody happy. If you want to see what we pre-load onto our Jail Broken devices then just check this page out. 


Well enough about how great the New Fire Stick is, how’s this if you don’t love it just return it !! No Hassle Returns and Lifetime Tech support comes with every Fire TV device we sell.   if you would like to order a Fire Stick just click here.





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