Covenant Add-On Taken Offline – Covenant Alternatives

In rather sad news today, the repository that hosted the popular Covenant Add-on (along with several other Kodi add-ons) was taken down after its developer was served with a cease and desist notice by the MPAA. This means that these add-ons will no longer receive updates and will become deprecated over time. More on this developing story can be found on Kodi Tips.

For those looking for alternatives to Covenant for watching free movies and TV shows, I've put together a list of Kodi and non-Kodi solutions with links to step-by-step installation guides for Fire Stick and Fire TV for each.

Kodi Add-On Replacements for Covenant

  1. Elysium
  2. Poseidon
  3. Genesis Reborn

Non-Kodi Replacements for Covenant

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