How to Install Terrarium TV For Fire Stick and Fire TV

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Terrarium TV is a great stand-alone app and one of the best Kodi alternatives. In fact, it's so good we might even be able to live with the ads that play on the bottom of the screen and at the end of streams.

The big KODI Crackdown of 2017 took with it some of the best add-ons for movie and TV shows. This led to many people seeking out alternatives to KODI, and a standalone app Terrarium TV was in a good position to capitalize. It has since become a must have app on any Fire Stick or Fire TV device.


What does Terrarium TV do?

Terrarium TV allows you to stream movies and TV shows for free. While it is an ad supported app, it seems as though the developers reinvest in the product. Video quality is generally high, and the links are pretty solid. We also like the high quality graphic interface.

Before proceeding, we highly recommend streaming via a Virtual Private Network (VPN). By connecting through a VPN, all of your internet traffic will be encrypted and hidden from your internet service provider.

Our favorite, most reliable VPN service for streaming media on Fire Stick and Fire TV is IPVanish. For more information about protecting yourself with VPN as well as an instructional video on how to install IPVanish on your Fire TV please see our article here.

How To Install Terrarium TV on Fire Stick and Fire TV

1. From your Fire TV Home Screen, navigate to Settings>System>Device

2. Scroll down and select Developer Options

3. Turn Allow apps from unknown sources ON

4. Navigate back to the Amazon Fire TV home screen all the way to the left to Search. Type in Downloader. As you are typing, you should see the option to select Downloader App.

5. Select Download and then Install.

6. Open Downloader

7. Select Allow

8. Where it says to enter a URL enter Updated 11/29/2017 - Enter this address instead: and then select Go

9. Once the page loads, you can use the navigation pad on your remote like a mouse. Place the red cursor over Download Terrarium TV and hit enter. Updated 11/29/2017: Scroll down the page until you find Download Latest Version APK: Click here. Place the read cursor over the click here and hit enter.  

10. The app will start downloading. Select Install

11. Navigate back to the Home Screen and reopen Downloader. In the URL field enter and select go.

12. Scroll down to where it says MX Player 1.X.X (NEON) and select. 

13. The file should download and automatically present you with this screen. Select Install.

14. Select Done.

15. On the next screen you will see a "Downloaded successfully" dialog. Choose Delete.

16. Exit Downloader and go back to the Amazon Home Screen. Find the section called YOUR APPS & GAMES and scroll all the way to the right select See All.

17. Scroll down to the Terrarium TV Icon. DO NOT SELECT IT YET!

18. With Terrarium TV Highlighted, hit the menu button on your remote.

19. A menu will pop up in the bottom-right hand corner of your screen. Select Move To Front. This will send Terrarium TV to the front of your home screen and save you a lot of time in the future.

20. Go back to your home screen and open Terrarium.

21. Select Deny

22. Select Deny

23. Select Allow

24. Select Deny

25. Choose MX Player as your default video player. 

26. Accept the Disclaimer

27. You will automatically be sent to the default page in the app, which is the TV Shows. To change over to the movies page, select the menu button in the top left hand corner and you'll get the following screen. You can then scroll down to the Movies section. 

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