How To Install Set TV on FireStick and Fire TV Box

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Everyone has been talking about an IPTV service called SET TV which promises 500+ channels including paid stations, free pay-per-views, NFL Sunday Ticket, NBA League Pass, basically everything you could ever want for just $20 a month and I wanted to give you brief tutorial on how to install the application on your Firestick or Fire TV box.

I’ll also be demonstrating the the NFL Sunday ticket feature at the end of this video, so stay tuned for that. 

Before Installing, you will want to sign up for your free trial here:

Instructions on How To Install Set TV Now

1. If you haven’t already we have to enable apps from unknown sources in the settings panel, so just navigate over to Settings>Developer Options>Apps From Unknown Sources>On.

2. Go back to your home screen and then go to the search interface (magnifying glass to the left of “Home”) and type in “Downloader”. Its a free app and will allow you to browse the web on your Firestick. Download, install, and launch Downloader.

3. Once inside downloader we’re going to put in the web address to download the SET TV App, also known as an APK.Be sure to enter it exactly as show:

4. Now you’ll be on the on the Set TV Website. Scroll down to the Amazon Firestick version of the program. Place the red curser over the link and hit the enter button your remote. The app will begin downloading. Once it has downloaded, click install. 

5. Once the App is installed select "Open". You’ll come to the registration screen. Once you’ve signed up at the link you will receive an email with three different codes (a different one for the 3 devices). Click “I have Code” and enter one of the codes from the confirmation email. Once you’ve entered your code, you will be inside of Set TV. You can now browse over 500 channels, On Demand, etc.

Note: Once you’ve closed Set TV, it will disappear from your home menu. To open again, navigate to Settings-Applications-Manage Installed Applications-Select SET, then Launch Application.Happy viewing!

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