How To Fix “Could Not Connect To Repository” Kodi Addon Error

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 “Could Not Connect to Repository” Error Troubleshooting Guide

This is one of the most common errors that Kodi users will run into when trying to download and install a new addon. There are three reasons you might get this error message:

1. You did not enter the repo name in correctly

The repo URL must be entered in EXACTLY as written, or it will not work. This includes small errors, like typing “http:/” instead of “http://”. double check you have everything entered in the search bar correctly.

2. The source is down

If everything is typed correctly and the repo still won’t show up, chances are the source is down. It could be for a temporary reason, such as maintenance or server issues, or could be a permanent shutdown for legal reasons. Often, addon developers will abandon their programs, and the repo address will eventually fall into disrepair. Other times, the addon will still be live, but has changed locations to another repo. You can always check for updates on the status of the addon you’re interested in.

Kodi addons are constantly going up and coming down, what works today may not work tomorrow. It can be frustrating sometimes, but the Kodi developer community is big, and you can count on there being other addons available that will have what you are looking for. If the repo you are entering is offline, you can always find another one that works.

3. Internet connectivity

Check to see if you are connected to the internet.

Try to stream something or install something from a different known repository address. You can also check your status from the main Firestick menu.


Hopefully this guide helps fix your repository connection error. Happy streaming!

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