How To Fix Buffering Issues With KODI Loaded Devices Newest Version January 2018

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We get e-mails asking how to stop buffering on the Fire Stick TV’s  KODI ADD ON’s .. first I want to say that  upgrading to the Fire TV from the Fire Stick will greatly help fix your buffering issues. I know that the Jailbroken Fire Stick is a great buy and all, but you do get better performance with the Fire TV as well as faster load times. That being said I’ll try and help with fixing your issues with KODI 2018 version.

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Possible Causes and Best Fixes for Kodi Buffering Problems

Servers are overwhelmed with users can cause buffering issues

having hundreds of thousands of viewers watching a free PPV event or popular NFL game is probably the most common problem Fire Stick users will encounter when their device starts to buffer. Think of this as like your home WI FI connection where you have a certain speed at which internet data can be transferred to your KODI device, Fire Stick users may find the servers that host any online Add ON’s streams have to abide by similar connection standards as well as the servers get overloaded buffering may happen . If you’re trying to stream a NFL game from a ADD ON’s server that has 30,000 other viewers also trying to access the same event on it then the speed that stream can reach your Jail Broken device will be much slower and thus start to buffer than if just 500 watchers of this event were using that ADD ON’s server. Remember many ADD ON’s will have multiple games and sporting events hosted on the same server as the game you’re trying to stream, just because you have to understand that the amount of people watching the stream will affect the streams quality and buffer speeds.


A simple trick to find out whether or not the server you are trying to access is the problem for the devices buffering is start the stream your trying to watch and then press ‘o’ on your devices keyboard or remote. Doing this trick will bring up a lot of text at the top of the TV screen. Don’t freak out if it looks confusing and crazy to you, your only looking at the bit of text or code at the bottom that reads cache, if this streams cache keeps falling down to zero then the ADD ON’s servers have a ton of a lot of people trying to watch the same stream as you and you’ll have to find another ADD ON source to use if you want to watch the events stream without issues. Another trick to getting around buffering issues is to just download the stream and watch the event or game at a later date, this trick is a great way to still watch the event you set out to watch.


Check your internets speed to get the most out of your jailbroken device

If you want to successfully watch an SD stream and limit buffering then a minimum of 2mbps download speed is recommended for the best streaming results (you may get away with a bit less depending on the stream quality but a safe bet is to have at least 2mbps of download speed available), if you want to stream any HD or 4K content then you will need considerably more speed to get good results. It really all depends on the quality of the stream you are trying to access. Go to and run the speed test to see what download speed you’re getting from your internet provider, if it’s showing a lower figure than 2mbps then a WI-FI upgrade could be the fix your seeking.

If you are trying to use KODI for accessing online game or event streams then I highly recommended you use a wired connection rather than wireless internet connection wireless connections will be slower than a wired connection. A good WI-FI booster will help streaming if you’re really struggling with your Wi-Fi connectivity or don’t have great WI-FI speeds then you may want to consider using an Ethernet cable connection to fix your buffering issues. When it comes to streaming, a high-quality wireless router that provides a better WI-FI signal will greatly improve your KODI streams.


Resetting your router will help lessen the buffering

A lot of times your Wireless router needs to be reset this is another trick to get better results from your streaming device. If you’re getting low speeds turn off the power to the router and wait for 30 seconds or so now just turn the power to the router back on and give it a minute or two to reconfigure, run the speed test another time and see if you’ve got any speed increases to your WI-FI.Remember the faster your WI-FI speed the better the streams will appear.


So is there a real fix for buffering on a KODI device?

The easy way to go through a KODI ADD ON called Maintenance tool (click on the link for an install guide).

Again using a Amazon Fire TV Box will limit your buffering issues, the Amazon Fire Stick is great but the Fire TV Box is better.

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