Fix And Stop Buffering On KODI Fire Sticks XBMC

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A common question we receive all the time is how can I reduce the buffering on a Jail Broken KODI streaming TV device, one thing you must keep in mind is the more popular the stream is that your trying to watch, the more likely to encounter buffering issues on your Fire Stick. I always try and find the less popular add-ons that few people go to for there sporting events, example .. most people go strait to SportsDevil to watch NFL or NBA and Pay per Views, me I will go to ZEM because when less viewers are trying to watch a stream, the higher the quality will be and the less buffering issues you will have. Remember to lower the stream quality as well, a stream in HD will buffer more than a stream of lower quality. USTVnow buffering will happen when your in High Def mode, lower the stream quality to medium or low and this should fix your buffering on USTVnow.

The faster your internet the better the stream and the less buffering problems you will have on your Jail Broken streaming XBMC device.

This only needs to be done once a week to avoid cache from building up. You can delete cache directly from our favorites tab now.

  • Our Favorites tab has 2 options to delete cache (raw maintenance and delete cache). Even though both of them do the same thing, its good to delete cache using both to ensure its all erased.
  • If you have an older version Click the program tab on KODI’s main screen, click on maintenance tool, then click on general Maintenance, and then choose “clear cache”

NOTE: You want to use this method to delete cache, deleting cache from the Amazon main page will not erase a bulk of the cache from add-ons inside KODI

This seems to work very well to fix buffering issues. It moves the cache location from XBMC to the hard drive of your device. So this way the a lot more cache can be downloaded, but this will fill up your hard drive, so you still have to clear cache regularly (using directions above). You need to delete cache from the favorites tab once a week, otherwise it will fill up your hard drive. If you can’t remember to regularly clear the cache, then don’t enable the zero cache system.

  • In order to enable the zero cache system, launch KODI, Click on the Programs tab- then Maintenance tool- Then System tweaks- then enable Zero Cache- Click yes on the popup.

Then back out, quit KODI. Unplug the power to your device and plug the power back in. When you go back into KODI, the zero cache system will be enabled.



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