How to Fix Firestick WiFi: Fix “Connected With Problems”

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I recently came across an issue after returning from a long vacation. I turned on my TV and saw that my Fire Stick hadn't shut off, and was in some sort of sleep mode. When I pressed the home button on my Fire TV remote, I noticed an error saying that "Home is currently unavailable." The Fire Stick couldn't connect to the internet.

What Didn't Work

The Fire Stick prompted me to check the network settings. I did this, and noticed that the device was connected to Wi-Fi with a strong signal. Unfortunately though it couldn't reach the internet. In this scenario I would usually walk over to my modem and router and reset the both of them. This time was different. I knew that there wasn't a problem with the Wi-Fi because I had been checking emails with the same connection moments earlier on my laptop.

After trying a few different things (connecting to a different Wi-Fi network, pressing the "Forget this Network" function) but none seemed to work.

What Did Work

I finally decided to try a hard restart by pulling the power cable (USB-Mini plug) out of the Fire Stick for about 5 seconds. Having then reconnected it, the Fire Stick rebooted. Almost like magic the unit went straight to the Home Screen. I was back up and running.

How to Avoid In the Future

A possible way to avoid this problem is to force the Fire Stick or Fire TV box into Sleep Mode before leaving for an extended period. To do this, hold down the Home button and you will be presented with the following screen:

Trouble Shooting Network Problems Firestick Fire Stick Fire TV

Select the Sleep, and you should be ready to enjoy your time away without having to deal with this issue the next time.

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