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Watch live TV, Movies, Sports, Pay Per Views and XXX on your computer, we have free downloads for MAC and Windows, you can now see the power of KODI on your PC for free. Try out this free software that will in no way harm your computer and will allow you to stream all the movies, TV shows, sports and more directly on your computer for free. The FreeTelly app will give you the best shows and sporting events and it won’t cost you one cent to do so.

What Can I Watch With The Free Television App

You can watch live TV, NFL, NBA, Movies, TV episodes, PPV’s and pretty much anything you can think of with this free TV app download. It won’t work on your TV but it will work on your PC or Mac computer and will give you the power of our Jail Broken installs that will be similar to what we install on your Amazon Fire Stick and Android boxes. The jailbreak we install in of course better, but now you can watch all the sports and movies and PPV events for no charge. Enjoy the best of this KODI like software here.

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