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Are you looking for the best place to watch sports, movies and TV .. how about being able to stream free Pay Per Views and even live Television ? Now you can unlock your PC and enjoy live streaming from the Free Television App, you’ll unleash over 1500 live TV stations featuring in theater movies, the latest TV episodes, NBA games, NFL, MLB, NASCAR, XXX and to much more to list, our free TV app download only takes a minute to install and setup, it gives you the power of KODI in an easy to understand media streaming format.

When you download the app you’ll be able to watch streaming TV on your MAC or home computer, you’ll never infect your computer with viruses or have to deal with annoying pop ups, this free TV app is one of the best places to watch live TV for free. Experience FREE – Movies | TV Shows | Songs | Radio Stations | Sports | PPV | Adult XXX & More! 


Download the app, install it in a few quick steps and you’ll have KODI add-on’s per installed and set up right on your computer, you will have access to watching the NFL Super Bowl and every PPV and live TV once you download the app.

Watch Every PPV, NFL, NBA, MLB and More

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