Don’t Buy The Amazon Jail Broken Fire Stick Untill You Read This

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We are the best place to buy your Jail Broken Fire Stick…

Facts: We don’t sell the standard wizard edition that majority of other sellers on E bay are selling. You will notice these Fire Stick sellers don’t show you screen shots of their setup for a reason, why ?? Because they all look at the same. We customize our Fire Stick KODI setup so everything is well organized, upgraded so it will work better and longer into the future. We make our own custom KODI Fire Stick build, so if the wizard goes down (Which it often does), it doesn’t effect our devices at all. Your Jail Broken unit is independent of any wizard, and will work like it should well into the future. We have never sold the wizard editions that take only 5 minutes to setup, our setup takes over 45 minutes for each unit. No other Fire Stick seller can make such claims because none offer a comprehensive list of options like we do. You get more value for your money with our units, than any other seller of Jail Broken streaming devices. ORDER HERE

Superior setup
No other seller spends the time to install the necessary patches for specific KODI add on’s to make sure they will work well into the future. Most will do the quick install wizards which is easy and the fast way to do it. With us you’re paying for a superior setup, which mean we install all necessary patches so the add-ons that usually don’t work are more likely to work, we make changes to necessary domains so blocked content is made available and it works internationally in almost every country

We also have a “soft reset” option built into the device, which fixes a majority if not all issues that may arise in the future. As cool new ad-dons are released, we incorporate them into our setup and provide direction on how to add it on our website. And if there is a specific add-on you want that is not included, we have video instructions that walk you through adding it step by step. As time goes on, our instructional guides and videos will help you keep your box running excellent and up to date. LIFETIME FREE TECH SUPPORT is also offered via email or e Bay messages. We do our best to resolve any problem. Most sellers charge for tech support, with us it is and will always be free!




Our setup is designed to last much longer into the future than other sellers that do a quick install without making proper upgrades. We also add several features like the TV on demand tab, live TV tab, power tab, .. ext that other Fire Stick sellers do not because it is too time consuming. Between our detailed instructional guides, Video guides, life time free tech support, and superior set up; you get the Best Value For Your Money ORDER HERE

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