Best Streaming Devices in 2017 / 2018

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With television getting smarter and digital media taking over traditional TV viewing and cinema-hopping, it is now commonplace to watch live channels, TV shows and movies on any device, from smartphones and computers to streaming devices. It has removed the burden of cable or satellite TV bills, and has also given access to premium content from across the world right at home. If you’re a cordcutter looking for the best streaming devices around, take a look at the list below.

Best Streaming Devices in 2017

Entertainment takes on a new meaning with streaming devices. The following are some of the best in the game:

Amazon Fire TV

If you have an Amazon Prime membership, then it cannot get better than the Fire TV. This streaming device from Amazon features a fast and powerful software, expandable memory, and 4K HDR video support, along with its own catalog of movies and TV shows. Besides, the device can also stream content from streaming giants like Netflix. Oh, if you are a gaming-lover, or have an avid gamer in the house, then the Fire TV is also capable of playing Android games and apps. It also comes cheaper than many other TV streaming devices.

Roku Express Full HD

Do not be fooled by the size of Roku Express. Even though small and affordable, this device is easy to set up and convenient to use, and can stream full HD content from all popular networks, from Netflix to Amazon Prime, HBO Go to Hulu, and more. The device also comes with a remote and eliminates the need to use a smartphone with it. With dedicated buttons for Netflix, Google Play, Hulu, and Sling TV, the Roku Express is arguably one of the best streaming devices today.

Apple TV 4K

Apple-addicts shouldn’t miss trying out the Apple TV 4K. Although it is not affordable like the Roku or Amazon devices, it compensates by packing some remarkable features that include incredible speed, a sleek remote complete with touch and voice control, and Apple’s personal digital assistant, Siri. Besides streaming a wide range of TV shows and movies, the device is also great for gaming. The new Apple TV version also supports 4K streaming.

Roku Ultra

The most popular and highest-selling streaming device of the year, Roku Ultra brings together the 4K streaming at 60fps, HDR content support, and a digital audio output. You can also use headphones with this device, thanks to audio jack. The Roku Ultra is equipped with a quad core processor, offers smooth and crisp 4K video quality, and more than 500,000 movies and TV shows. Like all Roku devices, this too comes with a remote packed with touch and voice features. The Roku Ultra player is ideal for a family that loves to watch TV or movies together.

Google Chromecast Ultra

A budget option from Google, the Chromecast Ultra streaming device is not only compact and portable, but also powerful enough to stream HDR 4K content from popular streaming services such as YouTube and Netflix. Users also get access to Google’s vast library of movies and TV shows. The Chromecast is a small, wireless device that easily plugs into the HDMI port of your TV. Your Apple or Android smartphone can serve as a remote to search for and play content. Regardless of the TV’s resolution, Chromecast automatically optimizes content to offer the best possible quality.

Roku Streaming Stick

If you are on the hunt for a portable streaming device, nothing comes close to the Roku Streaming Stick. Whether you have a small space or don’t want to make the room unsightly with wires, this small, compact streaming stick is convenient to use. It’s also got a voice and touch enabled remote that does everything from changing channels to finding your favorite shows. With the free Roku mobile app, you get a vast catalog of over 50,000 shows and movies in various categories. The Roku streaming stick is smart and convenient for streaming smooth HD content.

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