Best 2018 Kodi Addons for Kids

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As parents, we know it can be tough sometimes to find a good, safe source of entertainment for your kids. Kodi addons can provide a world of content, but much of it is not age appropriate. The good news is that there are dedicated addons that are devoted to streaming 100% family-friendly TV and movies. Check out our top picks below for the best Kodi addons for kids.

Kids Corner V2

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Kids Corner V2 is a Kodi addon with a good selection of shows and movies available from the Illuminati repository. The content is broken down by several categories, including Classic Cartoons, Superhero Movies, and Anime. This addon is up and running well, with enough to choose from that even the pickiest child should be satisfied.

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TubTub is a dedicated Kodi add-on for children’s programming that features tons of kids shows and movies. Any family is sure to find something to watch in TubTub’s massive collection of vintage and new releases. Some of the content may not be as appropriate for the youngest viewers, but over-all everything streaming on this addon should be kid-safe. We think this is one of the best addons out there for this type of content.

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Binky TV

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Binky TV is a great Kodi addon that offers content aimed at pre-school aged children. This addon streams several dozen shows appropriate for young children, including classics like Barney and Reading Rainbow. It even includes some English As A Second Language educational options, if your child is trying to learn English. Older children might not find much here, but if you are looking for 100% safe, age-appropriate shows for toddlers, Binky TV is a good bet.

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