Watch Live Out Of Market NFL Football Games And Replays

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  • ESPN MNF Games – CBS Football – Fox Sports –  All Live
  • You’ll Have Access To Every Game Including The Playoffs
  • And Yes You Can Even Watch The 2016 NFL Super Bowl

AMAZON FIRE STICK w/ our best and latest Setup running on the latest stable release of KODI 16.1 with options and features no other website or seller offers it’s buyers. If your interested in watching NFL football games on the best streaming device money can buy consider buying our OCTACORE Box or AMAZON FIRE TV BOX instead, please know that we offer the best Fire Sticks with the most Add-on’s and the best Streaming TV boxes available. The hardware on the Fire TV Boxes are superior to the Fire Stick so it has better performance but our Add-on setup is the same on all our units.


In our experience Amazon Box always performs significantly better than the stick, and our OCTACORE Android unit out performs the Amazon Fire TV Box, but Amazon units have a more user friendly interface and are a little easier to find your way around . Either way your going to love watching all the 2016 NFL season and beyond your Jail broken KODI device !!


Just watch our tutorials and you’ll see no other Amazon Fire TV seller offers live demos of actual football games being streamed, we do this so you know your getting a streaming media device that will deliver as advertised !!

DISCLAIMER (Please read before buying):
The add-ons are designed to serve as back ups to each other. Not all addons will work all the time. That’s simply not how the system is designed. Add-on’s will occasionally go down for repair or updates and they sometimes can take weeks to come back up. Rarely an add-on might close down for good. But there is nothing to worry about because we install several add-ons that do the same thing and provide you with the same content. If one goes down, there are several to take its Place.


Some Add-ons that need to be configured, require you to have an account or Username and Password. Some you can get for free by going to the website it says to, and others cost money. Over 95% of apps are free.
Due to the nature of this software. Not all Add-ons work and not all Add-ons that work, work all of the time. The makers of these Add-ons may do it as a hobby and not their job. And websites & servers will from time to time change settings and code, or get too many users using them or get shutdown, making the Add-ons not work or work right.