First off let me thank all our happy customers, there’s been a lot of you that have taken to the next level and have made us the largest seller of Jail Broken Streaming devices on the web.  But I’m considering selling our business and looking for the right buyer, if your tired of working for a boss, or you just want to make some extra cash from home and you think you can run your own dropship business then this might be your best bet.

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When it comes to starting your dropship business you will need traffic and lots of it, we have over 47,000 hits and over 76,000 page views in the last 30 days, we have over 50 you tube videos and 600 subscribers, we have a Facebook fan page and thousands of happy customers. We can set your site up for you and offer 30 days of guidance and support.


You can sell your own Streaming TV devices and make a lot of money, has grown every month and comes with over a 99% customer satisfaction rate.  I won’t get into details unless I have a buyer that is very serious about maintaining our high level of quality as we have.

What would it cost to own this website and your own drop shipping business, well it’s hard to put a number on our hard work but $10,000 would be the ball park.

If your looking to start your own home based drop shipping business, contact us and we can go over the details.

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